The Great Whole Grain Caper

Here are two segments from Wheat Belly author William Davis from Jimmy Moore’s Low Carb Cruise:

Part 2:

Part 6:


Dr. William Davis – The Dangers of Wheat April 29, 2012

Henrik Palmgren interviews Dr. William Davis, cardiologist and seeker-of-truth in health – “exposing “healthy whole grains” for the incredibly destructive genetic monsters they’ve become….”
He explains how modern wheat is an opiate and appetite stimulant. Dr. Davis also breaks down the internal components of wheat and how they interact with the body in negative ways linked to a slew of health problems. He also explains the great lie of gluten free bread.  For more details, find his new book: NY Times Bestseller- Dr. William Davis: ‘Wheat Belly’ or visit his Wheat Belly Blog.

Grains Rob Your Brain Power – Avoid It for Clearer Thinking

Grains should represent a small part of your diet, regardless of your age. I personally seek to avoid most grains, except rice.

But if you’re going to eat some grain-based foods, how much is too much?

This debate heated up earlier this year when two nutritional experts, Dr. Paul Jaminet and Dr. Ron Rosedale, engaged in a debate over how many starches are too many.

Dr. Rosedale believes there is no such thing as a “safe starch” and that all starchy carbohydrates should be avoided, which of course includes all grains.

Dr. Jaminet, on the other hand, is a little more forgiving of some of the “safer starches,” such as potatoes and rice. He believes some people need a small amount of these in their diets.

This is an interesting debate.

It’s well thought out and well articulated, but quite lengthy.

If you have time, I do recommended you reading through all of it to see the nuances of their contrasting views.

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